About us

ementexx GmbH is an expert in all fields relating to the topic of digital banking.

With ennoxx.banking, we offer companies a cloud-based (SaaS) digital banking software for Corporate Banking & Payments, Cash Management & Liquidity, E-Invoicing & Reconciliation and Connectivity & Transformation.

Banks can also offer our digital banking solutions to their corporate customers via Digital Banking Solutions for Corporates. We also offer solutions for Instant Payment & Push Notifications and EBICS Server & Connectivity.

Using our expertise, we advise companies and banks on all topics relating to digital banking and implementing tailor-made solutions.

Sustainable digital banking with ementexx GmbH: banking simply better!

Our primary focus is understanding the customer’s wishes and requirements. Only by understanding these can we offer really tried and tested digital banking solutions. Business and technology go hand in hand: Technology acts as an enabler for business and the requirements of business give rise to new technologies.


Michael Scholz
CEO & Founder
ementexx GmbH

What we do

For us, the term banking includes all the processes and systems involved in payment transactions that need to be taken into account and synchronised with one another. This is because these processes do not begin with the transmission of payment files to the bank and, furthermore, do not end with the receipt of the corresponding account statement.

With our digital banking software, ennoxx.banking, we offer tailored solutions for companies and banks. Our offer is rounded off by our digital banking services, which include customised software development in addition to consulting, implementation and support.

What we stand for

“banking simply better” is the corporate philosophy of ementexx.

Our mission is to advance and perfect the digitisation of our customers’ banking processes. By providing customised solutions, we want to make the everyday work of companies and banks easier by optimising their workflows. Curious? We look forward to making your banking “simply better” in the near future.

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