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Our claim of being absolute experts in the field of digital banking includes not only offering you the highest quality software products, but also providing you with our know-how in each and every phase of your digital banking project – product-independent across all products. You can find a list of our services below.

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We combine experience with innovation and offer detailed advice on our products or third-party products and solutions. Trust our comprehensive process analyses and let us help you to define the best target structure for you.


We support you through the entire implementation phase of your digital banking solution and beyond. In addition to installation and setup, this also includes migration to our solution. Training both specialist and technical users is a key factor for success for this kind of project.

Changing the banking solution you use always involves interfering with the central core processes of your payment transaction system. However, if you pay attention to a few points, this can be done easily and also offers many opportunities.
Firstly, all current processes and current cost structures need to be compiled. This will allow for the creation of a target scenario and enables you to derive the requirements of the future banking solution.

After the right banking solution has been chosen, you can move on to implementation. In addition to the technical planning of the migration, you also have to pay attention to the organisational and contractual situation as part of the migration plan.

The technical migration of the data should be used to clean up data files based on the premise of:

moving over as much as necessary and as little as possible

In addition to the purely technical migration, you must also not forget about the organisational and contractual aspect of the migration.

All of these points have to go hand in hand. If, for example, a separate EBICS ID is to be used with the new banking system, the necessary contract has to be drawn up and taken into consideration with enough forethought.

Migration plans can vary from company to company. In many cases, a phased changeover is advantageous. So sometimes it makes sense to change over bank by bank; in other cases it may make sense to move things over by account or user.

Doing things in an ordered way in line with the migration plan and

ensuring the solvency of the company at all times is important for every migration process.


Emergencies can happen, questions need to be clarified or an optimised procedure has to be conveyed: ementexx offers support plans with guaranteed response times and a wide range of contact options. Our product and solution support staff ensure smooth operations and workflows, even if you have a more complex question.

Software development

Despite the enormous range of our products and solutions, customers may have requirements that go beyond our standard offer. This can be with regards to functionality, connectivity to a specific system or a proprietary data format.

Here, too, we can easily remedy the situation: Thanks to the modular architecture of ennoxx.banking, it is easy to implement expansions. The features you need are developed by us and provided via our software.

Functions can also be developed and made available as standalone applications.

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