ennoxx.banking with a direct SAP connection at INEOS Phenol

Sustainable banking solution directly connected to SAP:

INEOS Phenol had been relying on a bank-independent solution for processing their payment transactions for some time. Due to a change of strategy in the manufacturer’s product orientation, they were now looking for a sustainable banking solution. In addition to the previous requirements, this new solution would also need to cover other topics such as a direct connection to SAP, ability to use the application on mobile end devices, an extensive authorisation structure, as well as customised reporting.

About INEOS Phenol

INEOS Phenol is the world’s largest producer of phenol and acetone, alongside alpha-methylstyrol and cumene. The company has been successful since 1952 and now employs around 600 employees at five locations around the globe: Gladbeck and Marl in Germany, Mobile and Pasadena in the USA, and Antwerp in Belgium.

CDs, car headlights, paints and nylon are just a few examples of products derived from phenol. The acetone produced by INEOS Phenol is used for things such as the manufacturing of plexiglass and polycarbonate, and as a solvent for chemical reactions in the manufacture of medicines and food.

ementexx managed to adapt the complex topic of electronic payment processes to suit the needs of INEOS Phenol. As a result, we work more efficiently and our employees got used to the new applications very quickly. Customer satisfaction is top priority at ementexx.


Matthias Bechmann
Team leader financial accounting
INEOS Phenol GmbH

The initial situation

Since its inception, INEOS has been a rapidly growing, dynamic corporation. As a result, the number of group companies managed and transactions carried out had increased significantly over the years – a loss of efficiency is a threat for companies undergoing steady growth. INEOS is working to counteract this early on by standardising the company’s transaction processes and bringing them up-to-date with the latest technology and security.

One of the essential prerequisites is the implementation of internal safety requirements. In addition to the direct transfer of payment files from SAP, this also includes the option of limiting payments for individual user groups using a detailed authorisation structure. This is especially applicable to payroll payments: Here, the signed users should see only a summarised payment overview, while users from the human resources department should have access to all payment details.

The goal

A direct data transfer between SAP and ennoxx.banking should be established in order to optimise and coordinate all banking processes. This means that in future there will be no manual creation of payment orders, as the payment files are transferred to ennoxx.banking via the SAP connector immediately after the payment run. In addition, previously partially automated processes should be fully automated and manual interaction reduced to a minimum by the technology coordinated with INEOS Phenol’s needs. This leads to increased efficiency combined with a reduction of the potential for errors and fraud.

Our solution

With the help of ennoxx.banking, we were able to solve the task we were faced with within a very short time. We were able to sustainably optimise the workflow through significant cost reductions and automation processes:

  • ennoxx.banking as the interface between SAP and the credit institutions by means of a direct connection via our SAP connector
  • Improvement of Straight Through Processing (STP) as well as data protection and data confidentiality
  • Reduction of possibilities for manipulation (“fraud prevention”)
  • Migration of the previously used banking solution
  • Comprehensive authorisation structure, especially for the processing of staff payments
  • Internal company use of ennoxx.banking via a web application and on mobile end devices
  • User-friendliness thanks to the online user experience (UX)
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