To zip context files of jobs (e.g. summary of all MT940/CAMT files retrieved today), the transformation channel "Creation of a zip container" is used.

Such a transformation channel can be created via the button "NEW - TRANSFORMATION - OTHERS" under the Menu "CHANNELS - ALL CHANNELS".

The channel provides a new enumeration to select which data source to use. The Filtered jobs option provides filtering options to restrict jobs based on object type, destination status, direction and additional filters. The Parent order option, is used in combination with processing rules and accesses the parent order of the transformation order.

Furthermore, the setting "Structure file name" offers the possibility to personalize the naming of the ZIP archive.

Finally, a transformation order with reference to the corresponding transformation channel must be created.

NOTE: If several files with the same name are found, an extension is made by the index. This ensures that no file is overwritten or lost.

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