General structure


The left icon in the header can be used to show or hide the menu:

The menu is displayed

The menu is hidden

User information

The user information is displayed under the user name

License information


The footer contains information about the current version number.


The navigation on the left side consists of different naivation groups and their subordinate navigation points. In some cases, the navigation points can contain further subviews. These are then marked with .

Headline and toolbar

Detail area

Lists in detail area

You can also search all data records by keyword using the full-text search function

Data records are displayed in lists page by page. In the default case, 20 records are displayed per page. This number can be changed using the combo box provided. Possible values are 20, 50, 100 and 200 records per page.

Within the list, the user can navigate to the previous or next page.

The checkboxes in the first column can be used to select one or more records. The checkbox in the column header is used to select all records.

The available functions can be applied to the selected data sets. Some functions (e.g. Edit) are only possible when a single data set is selected, other functions (e.g. Delete) can also be applied to several data sets.

Single view in the detail area

A single data set is displayed in the single views. From here, further drill-ups and drill-downs to connected data sets can be accessed and data set-related functions selected.

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