For customers with particularly high security requirements or corresponding internal security guidelines, ennoxx.banking offers the option of the four-eyes principle. After activation, it is ensured that new creations, changes or deletions of certain data must always be released by at least two authorized persons. The four-eyes principle is available as of version

NOTE: Before switching to the four-eyes principle, please always check whether at least one other user with sufficient rights for the releases then required is available in the system (depending on the security level, possibly more).

The activation is done via the menu item "SYSTEM - CONFIGURATION - SECURITY" under the tab "Four-eyes-principle" via the button "New".

The following data types can be configured for the approval process:

In addition, the security level or the number of required releases (1-3) can be defined per data type.

The first step should be to protect the configuration (security) itself.

NOTE: After saving, the four-eyes principle is directly active! No approval is necessary.

In the second step, USERS, ROLES and ACCESS CLASSES should be included.

After saving, you will see a message regarding the need to approve the data.

For this purpose, a second authorized user logs on to the system. All data sets to be approved can be found under "SYSTEM - DATA CHANGES".

By clicking on the data record, it is possible to switch to the detailed view. All changes are listed accordingly (OLD VALUE / NEW VALUE). Approval is done via the corresponding button.

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