General: In cashless payment transactions, the SEPA instant payment is a payment type in which online banking payment transactions from the debtor to the creditor take a maximum of 10 seconds. SEPA Instant Payments are sent to the banks using the EBICS order type CIP. The maximum amount currently possible is EUR 15,000.00. From 01.07.2020 SEPA Instant Payments can be made up to 100.000,00 EUR.

To enter a SEPA Instant Payment, please go to the menu item PAYMENTS and select the sub-menu SEPA Transfers. For the entry click the button NEW to open an empty entry mask. 

The first step is to change or set the payment type. Select Bank transfer (instant) or Salary payment (instant).

The other fields are to be filled in analogous to a normal SEPA transfer, see article Manual payment capturing (SEPA transfer).

When saving the payment, the amount is also checked according to the EPC regulations. After entering and saving, the payment is included in the list of all SEPA payments (with the corresponding type). The preparation for signature and sending is done by the PROVIDE button.

The generated EBICS job is sent to the bank with the job type CIP.

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